I currently work as a Laboratory Technician at the University of Notre Dame in an ecology lab. I have a Masters of Environmental Science from Villanova University. I wrote my thesis on the effects of sediment from seasonal storms on salt marshes. My MSES was my second Masters degree. I went to NYU and got a BA in theater, then I got an MFA in design and technical production from Brooklyn College in 2010.  I returned to the Boston area and worked as a freelance designer and carpenter for a few years before deciding that theater was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. Both because I wanted to make a difference and because I wanted steady work, I looked around for what I wanted to do. I decided I wanted to go into the environmental field and realized I would need another degree of some kind. I took prerequisite science courses at Northeastern University and other colleges which solidified my love of environmental science. The environmental science field is still growing and there is great opportunity to work on cutting edge research. I love working in a lab and believe that every step we make towards understanding the changes our planet is undergoing is important.

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